Sustainable project development for everyone!

Sustainable Real Estate Development and Living.


Area development with innovative usage concepts!

“Neighborhood development.”

"Socially and rent-stable residential construction with innovative, energy self-sufficient building technology."


"Innovative Re-uses for commercial and industrial wastelands, airport and logistics areas."


Energy self-sufficient building technology and sustainable e-mobility for everyone

"Developing real estate projects for everyone."

“Improving tomorrow’s innovation for today’s lifestyle”

Cities and communities face unique challenges. The framework conditions are constantly changing and require an increasingly faster pace of development. Indicators of future developments are demographic change, migration away from rural areas to urban metropolises, the climate crisis, and the resulting fields of action in the areas of housing, mobility, local economy, and employment.

Our vision!

Our strategy for project development in municipalities prioritizes sustainable development that delivers the best outcomes for both the investor and the surrounding community.


Increasing regional value creation

Resource management

Involvement of local businesses

Innovative (digital) local economy

Secure financing

 Increasing the Value

Additional revenue for investors and communities


Urban Infill

The development of existing areas should take priority over developing new ones, especially in light of current challenges. Municipal areas are key in steering future developments in the right direction and creating sustainable development prospects for the location.

Local stakeholders have the opportunity to regain location qualities, making their sites attractive and vibrant. Thus, it is essential to focus on inner development before considering external development.

Land use and densification

Land use management

In the past, land sales were only based on quantity, but now it’s important to consider the challenges of the future and develop unique and innovative solutions that are also widely accepted by the community. It’s important to maintain the quality of life in the area, anticipate changes in lifestyle, and create opportunities for future projects. Sustainability means using land resources carefully, so it’s important to carefully consider the location of new development projects, especially when it comes to converting old areas or building densely.

Locally embedded project development

Our approach involves developing innovative project ideas and working together to refine them into concrete plans.

We are a consultancy firm in urban development with extensive experience in municipal development processes. Sustainable urban development can only be achieved through proactive measures. We become a part of your local network and incorporate existing approaches while also generating new project ideas and usage scenarios. Once we have reached a certain level of detail, we involve potential investors in the process to align different interests and create a high level of identification with the projects.

"Sustainable Development: Maximizing Your Land's Potential with Locally Anchored Project Development"

Sustainable Living - Sustainable Development with Urban IQ

Our consultancy specializes in sustainable development processes for landowners. We work closely with local communities and use our expertise to generate innovative project ideas that are both feasible and aligned with local needs. We also bring potential investors into the process to ensure their buy-in and create a shared vision for the project. Join us in creating a sustainable future for your community.

Basic research, secondary analysis, market and location analysis

Identification and digital mapping of potential development, existing, and conversion areas

Innovative Approaches for Financing and Development in Urban Planning

Land acquisition and planning law

Concept Development

Project management