Mobility Sharing

For A Better Now

All  electric Mobility access from YOUR Building – EXLUSIVELY for YOUR Buidling!

Emission-free electric cars, electric scooters, e-bikes, and e-cargo bikes including charging infrastructure.

Car-sharing stations exclusively for community members.

The right mobility for the right situation!

24/7 availability through a professional smartphone app.

Your app branded to your community !

All Inclusive Service

Electricity, Parking, Insurance, Inspection, Service, Cleaning

Reduction of Parking Spots !
Projects in implementation!

Has the model of MOVE IQ already been referenced?

Founder of the MOVE IQ for projects, developers, initiator, partner and operator of Mobility Services for Urban districts in Germany. Currently, several projects are in progress at different locations. We are approved in different Cities! We looking to run first Projects in Miami Beach and Miami City this year, we have already established and running in Germany different Stations – yes we have reference!

How does it work?

Feasibility studies are initially based on development plans and urban planning. Then, a robust financing plan for investments and operations is developed through cost calculations.

Once approved, we will install and operate your mobility solution as an amenity in your building, effectively reducing traffic congestion. Mobility as a Service (MAS) Amenity disigned for your community

Car Sharing for any Community!

Car sharing is a concept in which people share a vehicle, typically for short-term use.It is a way to reduce the number of cars on the road, decrease traffic congestion, and promote more sustainable transportation options.

How is the neighborhood carpool financed?

Revenue generated from membership fees, advertising or sponsorship deals, government subsidies, or other sources of funding.

What we looking for?

Any Closed Community as well as Offices! Natural partners include urban planning, real estate companies involved in neighborhood development, local transportation providers, energy suppliers, and other mobility providers in the city.


Mobility as an amenity!

your Building – your app – your mobility

one payment all incl. choose your plan!

Bike, Kickscooter, Scooter, Car, Motorboat* or maby drones tomorrow

We have charging Stations for cars, bikes, scooter, kickscooter, in the building – also for your private vehicle!


Transportation as a Service (TaaS) solution tailored for exclusive use by a closed user group

A MOVE IQ is a specific innovation of car-sharing designed for residents of a limited urban area. The MOVE IQ consists of a fleet with cars, trucks, electric scooters, e-bikes, and e-cargo bikes, which are provided to residents of the area for very affordable, subscription usage.

Depending on the size of the area, one or more base stations are set up in closed community , equipped with the necessary charging infrastructure. Usage is offered through monthly packages at different scales.

Booking and payment are done through a dedicated  App that corresponds with the vehicles. Our Team take out and ensures the fleet’s operational readiness and provides additional advice to residents on all mobility matters.


Transportion as a Service - reducing cost and Traffic to organize better Life

The goal of an E-Carpool is to significantly reduce the number of vehicles (MIV) in the urban area by providing attractive, ad-hoc available, multimodal, emission-free, and very affordable mobility options. Along with other mobility options in the city, especially public transportation , individual mobility can be designed to make personal cars unnecessary.

Using only electric, emission-free pool vehicles, air pollution in the urban area is reduced, thereby improving the quality of life for city residents.

Check if your Building is ready to join the new MOVE

In new developments, ou sharing models can reduce the required equivalent Zoning parking spots! Ask us for explain !


Have we piqued your interest? For further information on MOVE IQ, simply get in touch with us. We would be happy to provide you with further information or arrange a non-binding presentation or information appointment with you.