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Radical housing soutions with community planning!

Each one of our homes have been carefully designed and constructed with quality and sustainability in mind. We also offer unique housing solutions, such as tiny houses and co-housing communities. For those in need of emergency housing or disaster relief, our rapid-set up homes provide a safe dignified and comfortable temporary solution.

 Affordable housing!

Housing for low- and moderate-income households achieved through government subsidies, tax credits, and zoning policies.

Rapid-set up housing for disasters! House the unhoused in a dignified manner!

Quick-to-assemble structures for temporary shelter during natural disasters or emergencies, such as prefabricated and modular homes.

Tiny houses!

...are small, usually under 400 square feet, live a more sustainable lifestyle, or as small holiday houses. They can be built on a foundation or on wheels, which allows for mobility and flexibility.

Always community-focused!

Our prefab houses are designed to create a unique, sustainable and self-sufficient community. We specialize in setting up closed communities that foster a sense of togetherness and encourage a shared commitment to sustainable livin

Rapid-set up housing!

Quick-to-assemble structures, easy to transport, easy to store!

We build affordable housing units that expand from an easily-transportable unit into a comfortable temporary dwelling – Quick to assemble!

Practical applications:

  • remote contractors
  • events
  • homeless housing
  • first responders
  • disaster relief.
Tiny Houses for every Situation!

Backyard Houses, Holiday Houses, Agri Hood Community or Sustainable Living!

These homes are small, usually under 400 square feet, and can be used as a way to provide affordable housing, live a more sustainable lifestyle, or as small holiday houses to unwind. They can be built on a foundation or on wheels, which allows for mobility and flexibility.

Practical applications:

  • Backyard Housing or Office
  • Holiday Houses
  • Tiny Homes
  • First Living
  • Agri Hood Community
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At our core, we believe in sustainable, community-oriented living. That's why we offer a range of affordable housing options and support housing-first programs for those in need.
Every person deserves a safe, secure dignified place to call home!

Our community-focused approach means that each house is built with careful consideration of the larger community and its needs. We take pride in using sustainable materials and innovative technologies to create energy-efficient homes that are comfortable and eco-friendly.

Sustainable power source: A reliable and sustainable power source is essential for an off-grid community. This may include solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric generators.

Water supply: Access to clean and safe drinking water is critical for any community, and especially for an off-grid community where utilities may not be readily available.

Waste management: Effective waste management practices are important to ensure the health and safety of the community and the environment.

Communication: Communication infrastructure is necessary to enable communication within the community and with the outside world.

Security: Measures to ensure the safety and security of community members are necessary, especially in remote or isolated areas.

  • Water

  • Wastewater

  • Power

  • Security

  • Communication

Housing Solutions by Urban IQ

Home improvement technology

  • Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures: High-efficiency appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers, as well as LED lighting and low-flow water fixtures, can help reduce energy and water consumption in homes. This technology can help homeowners save money on utility bills and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Home security systems: These systems include cameras, sensors, and alarms that can monitor and alert homeowners to potential security threats. Some systems can also be integrated with smart home automation systems to enable remote monitoring and control.
  • These tools enable homeowners to plan and execute home improvement projects, from selecting paint colors to designing new floor plans. Examples include Houzz, HomeAdvisor, and Home Depot’s Project Color app.


These are just a few examples of the technologies that can be part of a house tech stack. The specific tech stack for a given home will depend on the homeowner’s unique needs, preferences, and budget.


Housing Solutions by Urban IQ

Tech Stack for our Projetcs and your new home


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